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This booklet will help you learn more about being filled with the Spirit. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful gift for you. When you read this booklet, you will have a more in-depth understanding of why God gave this gift to humanity. The Spirit-filled life will cause the power of God to overflow in your life like you have never experienced before! This booklet is a shorter version of the full-length book "Restoring Spiritual Vision: A Guide to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit." 

Does God care what you eat? Some people think that God does not, while others think that He does. In Leviticus 11, God gave us instruction about the animals that were made for humans to eat and others that were not made for humans to eat. In this booklet, you will learn about the dietary laws of Leviticus 11. You will learn how they are relevant today and why God gave them. This booklet is a shorter version of the full-length book “Clean and Unclean: A Guide to Living the Holy Life.”

Prayer is a misunderstood subject. It is simply the way that we communicate and fellowship with God. It is the process where the will of God becomes one with our heart, mind, and spirit. God desires a relationship with us more than anything else. In this booklet, you will learn the basics of prayer and how to use this powerful tool.

God is not impressed with our righteousness. As a matter of fact the Lord Jesus upbraided the religious leaders of His day for their man-made righteousness. They did a better job of following all of the do’s and don’ts than we ever will. Jesus said that the Father looks on the heart. And so did all of the prophets. The problems people of all ages have run into concerning the Sabbath, all have to do with our thinking that we are better than someone else over the little “extra” rules that we follow. God wants our heart, He wants a relationship with us. He wants us. We should want Him. He gave us a day off, not just any day off. He gave the one where, He has made the time to be with us. He is particular that we respect His time. And the reward for respecting His time is that He will give us the extra blessing of more of Him and more of His Spirit into our lives. He wants to be found by us, and how much easier can He make it than, “here I am every seventh day, come and get me!” Don’t let your heart be so stubborn that you will not go out to Him while He may be found! The days are coming when there will be a famine of the Words of the Lord. Today, hear His voice calling you to Himself on His Sabbath Day. Come to the God of All Creation and worship Him for all of His goodness and all of His ways. So many people of all the ages on this earth have forsaken the True Creator God. Don’t be one of them. He wants your love, and He wants to love you. All you have to do is to stop what you are doing at sunset on Friday nights and turn your attention to Him with a sincere heart full of faith. Spend a little time with Him. A little time with Him will do more good for you than anything else on earth. This booklet is a short version of the full-length book, “Holy Time With God”. This book has much greater depth and revelation on the Sabbath.

The term "Hebrew Roots" is becoming a more common phrase. There are ministries that use this term to identify their beliefs. In Fact, an entire movement is called the "Hebrew Roots Movement." But what does this phrase mean? Hebrew Roots refers to getting back to the way of life lived and taught by the early disciples. It involves changing how we think, how we live, and how we worship God. It is the Way of life taught and lived by Jesus Himself! Learn more about your Hebrew Roots!

Passover is the second holiest feast day of the year. It is the time where we commemorate the Son of God, Jesus Christ, coming down to earth to lay down His life as a Lamb. He willingly gave His life for all mankind to receive salvation. As we approach this time of the year, it is vitally important that we take the proper steps to prepare to take in the precious Lamb. This season and the time leading up to it are a unique time of the year. There are some things we need to be aware of in the months just before Passover that will be vital in helping us honor the Lamb of God.

The moment you were saved, you entered into a battle being fought all around you. While this battle is invisible, it rages on continually. There are two Kingdoms waging war against each other. One kingdom is from God Almighty: it is an eternal, permanent Kingdom. The other kingdom is of the devil: it will only last a short time in the scope of eternity. In this booklet, you will learn who the enemy is and practical ways to fight against him. With the help of God Almighty, you can defeat the devil.

The term ‘gospel’ is used in churches every week, but very few people understand what this term means! The word gospel simply means “good news.” Jesus came preaching a specific gospel: the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Our behavior and lifestyle is supposed to be governed by God’s Kingdom. In this booklet, you will learn how to enter into and experience this Kingdom today! You will also get an amazing glimpse into the soon coming rule and reign of this Kingdom on planet earth.

Worship is a condition of the heart that results in action, specifically a changed life. There is a certain approach to worship that we must take if we want to receive the full benefits of honoring God in this special way. In this booklet, you will learn the basics of worship. This booklet is the short version of the full-length book “The Key to God’s Heart.”

The Feasts of the Lord are described in Leviticus 23. They are celebrations based upon the Lord’s work in the past that also foretell His future work in the world. These celebrations will add an amazing level of depth and understanding in our walk with God. The early believers celebrated them and the Lord eagerly anticipates us to celebrate them as well. This booklet is a shorter version of the full-length book “God’s Plan of Salvation in the Holy Days”.

In this booklet, you will learn about the importance of tithing and giving. Did you know that Abraham tithed? Did you know that there is a specific offering believers are supposed to give a certain times of the year? When we release what is in our hand, God will release what is in His! This booklet is a shorter version of the full-length book “Opening the Windows of Heaven: A Book on Tithing and Giving”.

The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind. In it, we learn how He plans to use us despite our downfalls. This booklet will help you understand the Bible on a very basic level. This will help you later when you are trying to dig out something deeper. These simple tips will transform your view of the Bible and your walk with God.

You were created for a great purpose. There is a New Life waiting for you filled with purpose. In this booklet you will learn about that great purpose. You will be guided in the first steps of your journey towards fulfilling that purpose. To continue learning about your new life, download our free booklet: “The Gospel of the Kingdom of God”.